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    Plum Cake coffee

    Alameda Alfonso XI, Edificio Alameda, 1. 11360
    649 532 965

    Salón de Juegos As de Trébol

    C/ General Lacy, 33. 11360
    956 694 204


    Entre dos mares y dos continentes

    San Roque Tourism Lifestyle Book

    The hardback edition of the San Roque Tourism destination lifestyle book published in 2007.

    The Gastronomic Line Culinary Guidebook

    The Gastronomic Line Culinary Route Guidebook published in 2007.

    San Roque Town Centre Street Map

    San Roque Town Centre and Old Historical Quarter Street Map

    Estación de San Roque Street Map

    Estación de San Roque Street Map (village where the railway station is located)

    Valley of Guadiaro Street Maps

    Valley of Guadiaro Street Maps (villages of Guadiaro, Pueblo Nuevo, San Enrique de Guadiaro & Torreguadiaro)