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San Roque Borough Tourist Office offers a free guided tour service with guided theme tours (in the mornings on weekdays). These tours can arranged for groups of 10 or more people in English or Spanish. The only requirement is to book at least 5 days in advance. If you cannot get a group of friends or relatives together, please contact us so you can join other visitors on booked tours in your language. We shall do our best to offer you a date.

San Roque has a collection of listed historical buildings that are the oldest and best preserved in the Campo de Gibraltar area. The most important monuments in the City of Gibraltar in Exile are Saint Mary the Crowned Parish Church, the Governer's Palace and the Bullring.

The Carteia Archeological Site dates from the 7th century BC and includes remains from the Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Visigothic, Byzantine, Moorish and Christian eras. This ancient city was the most important in the Campo de Gibraltar area and became the first Free Latin Colony outside of present-day Italy in 171 BC.

El cuartel Diego Salinas tuvo en el desarrollo de la ciudad una importancia mayúscula, atendiendo a las características militares de la población que nace como consecuencia de la Guerra de Sucesión y el traslado de los gibraltareños a la loma de San Roque. En este sentido, la ciudad contó con una presencia militar constante que constituyó la retaguardia de todos los intentos por recuperar Gibraltar. La continúa presencia de este acuartelamiento que llego a albergar hasta 6.000 o 7.000 soldados hasta que cerró sus puertas en 1995 con el Regimiento PAVIA 19, fue un importante dinamizador de la economía local.