Guadiaro River Estuary & Torreguadiaro Lagoon

Friday, 12 December 2014

Guadiaro River Estuary and Torreguadiaro Lagoon are two of the most relevant nature spots in the borough of San Roque. The river estuary is located at the rivermouth, in the heart of Sotogrande Costa. Torreguadiaro Lagoon is situated between Sotogrande Marina and the village of Torreguadiaro. Both nature areas are wetland areas of great importance for many species of birds and excellent points of observation for ornithologists interested in the Strait of Gibraltar as a migratory route between Europe and Africa.

Guadiaro River Estuary

(Google Maps: 36.282916,-5.284339 & 36.278077,-5.282998)

This nature area is situated by the river mouth, in the middle of the Sotogrande Costa residential area. This wetland area is relatively small (62 hectares) in comparison to other nature areas in the municipality. However if we take into account that the Strait of Gibtraltar is the most important migratory bird route between North Africa and Western Europe and that this nature spot is a resting area for 144 different species of migratory birds, you can appreciate its relevance.

Moreover, another aspect worth mentioning is that this marshland is the only one left in a radius of over a hundred kilometres along the Mediterranean coastline.

(The nature area is made up of two boardwalk (gangway) routes, one in Paseo del Parque and the other in Jaime el Conquistador street (towards Sotogrande Marina & Port), just after the roundabout).

Torreguadiaro Lagoon

(Google Maps: 36.293328,-5.273497)

Torreguadiaro Lagoon is another small 2 hectare nature spot between Sotogrande Port and the village of Torreguadiaro. This coastal lagoon was one of the Guadiaro River Estuary’s channels, which was altered by natural and artificial changes in the river course during the 20th century.

At present, this nature spot, just like the Estuary, offers a boardwalk (gangway) route, information panels and birdwatching observatory. The promenade, along with this nature area and the two 16th century watchtowers are one of the borough's most spectacular locations.

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